Syllabus and Assignments

: Urban Ministry  SEPT 2010
School:  Latin American Bible Institute-Sanger Campus
Instructor: Dave Wainscott         
Contact:  (559)974-2508
Dates: Fri. Sept 10, 7-10pm/ Sat. Sept 11,  9am-5pm  
Classroom: Room 10, Sanger Campus  (Tabernacle of Praise, McKinley and Academy)

NOTE: Final session  (Sat 2-4pm) is a roundtable at Downtown Fresno Starbuck's (Kern St)
Registration: (559) 876-2213

     2)"The Urban Christian," by Ray Bakke

Ø  SUMMARY:  This course will introduce the student to a working  and practical theology of the city, and of urban life and ministry.  It will include a session in downtown Fresno, with a panel of respected leaders in local urban ministry (as well as others in other locations via live webcam).


-Pre-class assignments: Read the entire Bakke book, and

1)Write a 3-5 page summary/review

2)Respond either on a video, a short paper (2-4 pages), or a ten minute class presentation to this question:
 “Speak about your experience of, or your dreams/ideas re: several of the strategies on pp. 192-193”

3)Spend 30-60 minutes prayer-walking (or driving) an urban neighborhood, and turn in a one page journal of your experience.


40 per cent: Pre-class assignments
40 per cent: Final assignment (individualized)
10 per cent: Video Interview with a leader in urban ministry   (Saturday session)
10 per cent: Attendance, attitude